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OT - Looking for Women of Stargate Graphic for FemSlashCon
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slamaina wrote in samvala

Those of you who know me, know that I love Stargate.  I have always wished that I had the creative talent to write fanfic, make fanvids, create graphics, or make websites.  I don’t.  I have tried.  I have always felt that I got so much more from the Fandom that I was able to give back.  Sure I always send feedback, beta read, and nominate my favorites for awards but the scales have always seemed unbalanced.  Finally I have found a way for me to give back. 

I am one of the organizers for the online FemslashCon.  It is scheduled on the 17th of July, 2010 on the third annual International Day of Femslash.  Check out the website or the LJ community  There will be panels, awards, and pre-recorded AudioFics, AudioDramas, and Interviews.  We are looking for volunteers for all aspects of the Con.  If you would like to volunteer or just have suggestions the email is

On Wednesday I leave for my annual pilgrimage to Vancouver for the Stargate Convention.  While I am there I plan on advertising and the FemSlashCon.  I have multi-fandom materials to give out but what I would really love is something Stargate specific.  Something I could print out postcard size with the women of Stargate and/or the lesbian symbol made from Stargates.  If you have a graphic that I could use I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance,


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